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Friday, July 25, 2014


BBC News wished to do a piece that remarked upon the 50th anniversary of the visit of NS Savannah to Southampton, and other places in the UK during her big European tour, and to that end this last week contacted me (since I'm the Communications Director for the N.S. Savannah Association) to find out some facts and history.

I spoke to Justin Parkinson on the phone for something over a half hour, I think; he was well informed, and enthusiastic.  I put him in touch with another member of the NSSA, Stan Wheatley, who was Chief Engineer of the ship when it went to the UK, because it was desired to speak to someone actually on board during that historic visit.

Although BBC didn't use all the material we spoke or sent, their piece came off quite well, I believe, and is a good example of the level sort of reporting that nuclear in general is getting these days over there. 

•Click here to see the BBC article.

Oh - by the way.  The photos on this piece that are credited "American Nuclear Society" were taken by me for the two articles we did on the ship.  The illustration of the prospective UK nuclear powered ocean liner is mine, and will eventually be part of the NS Savannah Association collection. 

2:45 PM Eastern 7/25/2014