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Monday, June 2, 2014

Could Korea, UAE partner in exporting nuclear plants?

Barakah Nuclear Plant, UAE

A very interesting development has taken place in the Republic of Korea's effort to export nuclear energy.  The ongoing project in the United Arab Emirates to build the Barakah NPP (four 1400 MWe units) has progressed conceptually to a consortium of Korea Electric Power Company (KEPCO) and Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) working together to spread nuclear power through the Middle East and perhaps Africa.  This may indeed be that final kick needed to open the flood gate of Korean nuclear exports; we shall see.

Details at link below. 

KEPCO, ENEC could export more nuclear plants

Item:  KEPCO is already building a "build and operate" fossil fired plant in Saudi Arabia.  Could this be a predictor of perhaps a "build and operate" or "build - own - operate" scheme for nuclear plants in that country later on?  I say "maybe" to the first, and "unlikely since they're not Russian" to the second.  Link:  KEPCO breaks ground for power plant in Saudi Arabia

Another KEPCO plant in Saudi Arabia -- this article has more background on KEPCO's push into the Middle East.  KEPCO completes Saudi power plant

12:10 PM Eastern 6/2/2014

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