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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

South Korea Nuclear Corruption Investigation Update

It's been a while since I have reported on the developments in the corruption scandal concerning nuclear plant parts and quality assurance, and production contracts, in the South Korean nuclear energy program.  Here are the important updates since my last post (which I'll link below.)

•There have been no further implications of any sort that plant safety is actually compromised.

•Not long ago a former Vice Commerce Minister was indicted in the scandal, for influencing the decision to award contracts for construction of the nuclear plants in the UAE.  Click here.

•A former Vice Minister for Trade and Energy has just been named as the new head of KHNP, or Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power. Click here for brief announcementClick here for detailed piece.

As we can see, the corruption appears to have reached high levels in South Korean government, but as we also see the rate at which further persons are being implicated has greatly slowed.  It may be that the investigation is reaching its ultimate limit; this however is not yet guaranteed, and for that reason I'll keep on the story... and of course should any actual realistic implication against plant safety appear, I'll report on that here as well.

Click here for the previous update on this situation, which includes background links.

2:35 PM Eastern 9/25/2013

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