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Sunday, August 25, 2013

INFOCAST Press Release: Waste Confidence Conference in October

Press Release below from Infocast.  See link button on right sidebar to access the Infocast site page covering this timely and relevant conference.


Infocast Presents their Premier Nuclear Waste Confidence & Storage Management Summit this October in Baltimore

Join policy-makers, regulators, nuclear industry experts and local stakeholders as they chart a new path forward for nuclear waste storage.

Infocast, the leading producer of business intelligence events in various industries, presents the Nuclear Waste Confidence & Storage Management Summit this October 9-11, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Nuclear Waste Confidence is clearly in disarray. The Supreme Court decision in June 2012 invalidating the NRC’s 2010 update to the Waste Confidence Rule and the Temporary Storage Rule have forced the NRC to reopen the long-term waste management Environmental Impact Study (EIS). Proposals are emerging to build consent-based long-term storage facilities, centralized interim storage sites and improvements to existing on-site management facilities—plans that will take billions of dollars to implement. Congress may also have to act to enable new waste confidence processes. Clearly, policies, plans and regulatory initiatives remain in a state of flux, and determining when, where and by whom these facilities will be built is an open question for most nuclear industry participants.

The Summit will bring policymakers and regulators together with plant operators and local stakeholders to explore the technical, financial and political hurdles that must be surmounted to reestablish Waste Confidence. It will provide an up-to-the-minute view of NRC, EPA and DOE initiatives and studies, and will provide invaluable insights into the paths forward for facilities for high-level waste management, and the potential changes in funding of these facilities.

The Summit will also feature speakers from the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council, Yucca Mountain Project, Georgia Public Service Commission, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness, Union of Concerned Scientists and more!

For more information, to inquire about sponsorship opportunities or to register, visit infocastinc.com/nuclearwaste13 or call 818-888-4444.

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11:20 AM Eastern 8/25/2013

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