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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fukushima Daiichi - Two Year Anniversary 3/11/2013

There are readers following this blog who have been on board since the days and weeks following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011.  I reported on this event continuously as best as was possible using the information that was getting out for quite a long time -- in fact, practically continuously until the declaration of "cold shutdown" condition for the three heavily damaged reactors late in 2011.  Posts on the accident recovery tapered and eventually stopped on this site, as the long-term phase of planning out the dismantling of the plants began.  This phase has many parts, and will take years (although recently the Japanese government has hinted that it would like to greatly speed up the TEPCO decom road map plan.)

For those who have followed my writings at other sites, though, there has been continued coverage as events and media news cycles warranted.  That is the case today at the two-year anniversary of the event; readers are encouraged to find my article on the American Nuclear Society's ANS Nuclear Cafe website.  Click here to read "Fukushima Two Years Later," a major piece on the event covering what we know today and where we're going, among many other things.


Other links on this anniversary include:

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Atomic Show 199 - Fukushima Happened 2 Years Ago (article and podcast hosted by Rod Adams, featuring myself and a number of my friends and colleagues talking about the anniversary.)

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Don't forget that Atomic Power Review has a large and unique collection of links to official Fukushima Daiichi accident reports from many varied sources.  Click here for this link page.

12:10 PM Eastern 3/11/2013

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