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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Site updates / Added links

It's time to point out a few of the added links here on Atomic Power Review.  I frequently add links to two places on this site as I find them - the side bar, and the Fukushima Accident Reports page.  Numerous links have been added since the last time I wrote about them.

FUKUSHIMA - I've just added two links today.  One of them is a presentation from the CNSC that covers decontamination of the general evacuation area, but also (in its second half) covers a good deal of detail about a visit to the Fukushima Daiichi site itself.  There is a good write-up of information about 1F4 as well (so much in the press a while back because of its spent fuel pool - a made up problem that I attacked ad nasuseum all over the internet.) 

The other Fukushima related link is the most recent (fourth) physical integrity inspection of the 1F4 reactor building by TEPCO.  This document is from 13 February, so is the newest assessment of the situation at this building available.

Click here to access my Fukushima Accident Reports page.   This link can always be found on the right sidebar under the header "Pages On This Site."

MAIN SIDEBAR - I've added several types, or groups, of links lately.

Nuclear plants -- Recent stories about this, or that, nuclear plant overseas starting up and reference to the various types of plants can lead to confusion.  For this reason, I've assembled into the sidebar links at least one official reference page covering every type of nuclear plant presently either under construction, or being put through licensing, or seriously planned.  This includes all of the following:

China:  CPR1000, CPR1000+, AP1000, CAP1000, CAP1400.  (Looking for CEPR1750.)

South Korea:  OPR1000, APR1400, SMART SMR


AREVA-Mitsubishi ATMEA1

GE-Hitachi ABWR and ESBWR

Generation mPower SMR

Mitsubishi US-APWR

Toshiba ABWR

Westinghouse AP1000 and SMR

Also included are links to the Russian VVER plant types -- generally referred to as VVER-1000, VVER-1200 (a.k.a. AES-2006) and an interesting link labeled MIR-1200 that covers co-operative Russian projects.

(You can find all of these interspersed in the sidebar.)

Nuclear Navy -- For those who trained, like I did, for Navy service in Orlando, Florida (Basic Training at RTC Orlando, and then Nuclear Field "A" School and Naval Nuclear Power School at NTC Orlando immediately adjacent) there are several new links titled as follows:

NTC / NNPTC Orlando blog
NTC Orlando Photos
RTC Orlando

These sites give photos of the bases as they appeared while in full operation, when essentially run down and abandoned, and then glimpses of the complete obliteration of the bases which are now entirely replaced by high-end housing developments.  If you are unlucky enough not to have retained your copy of the Rudder from Basic Training, then you will definitely want to see these photos if you've wanted to look back.  I added these because I've realized that practially all of the physical aspects of my Navy experience -- that is, RTC and NTC Orlando, the Charleston Navy Base, and my ship, USS Simon Bolivar SSBN-641 are all gone.  The only location that I was assigned which is still operating is NPTU Ballston Spa, which really is the Navy unit for training at KAPL's Kesselring Site in West Milton, New York.  For those reasons, finding the above sites was all the more special to me and it's nice to see that at least a few people took the time out to document the Navy presence in Orlando before it was gone.

As I've mentioned, I'm constantly looking for informative and useful links to add to Atomic Power Review to ensure it's a solid resource and that it's kept timely.  Feel free to e-mail me with any ideas about other links to add!

2:10 PM Eastern 2/21/2013


  1. Possible additions to the Fukushima Accident Reports page:

    1) Reports by the Japanese Government's Investigation Committee

    2) Report by the Japanese Diet's Investigation Commission

  2. Thank you very much for these links. I'll add them in.