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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fuel Cycle Week - Statement on the new NLP "Diary of a Nuclear Tourist" project

An announcement this week of a new, significant outreach project undertaken by the Nuclear Literacy Project (an outreach effort of PopAtomic Studios) has generated much excitement.  The new venture, entitled "Diary of a Nuclear Tourist," will see Suzanne Hobbs Baker traveling all over Europe and visiting various sites, and meeting various people.  A new blog has been launched as the first point of contact for the effort.  Sponsors have lined up, and other interests are apparent.

One sponsor is Fuel Cycle Week.  Below is a statement from Andrea Jennetta, Publisher of FCW.


Fuel Cycle Week is proud to be a sponsor of the Nuclear Literacy Project’s “Diary of a Nuclear Tourist” initiative.

It is exactly the kind of creative, out-of-the-box thinking the nuclear industry needs to combat its long-suffering public image.

If anyone can break through the communications barrier it is Suzy Hobbs Baker. Her infectious enthusiasm and innate ability to connect with empathy and art make her the ideal “nuclear tourist.”
FCW, the premier uranium business newsletter based in Washington, D.C., is not your typical industry publication. Instead, it is fresh, lively and unconventional, filled with straight industry news leavened with critical analysis, informed opinion and humor. We have opinions and are not afraid to share.
2:45 PM Eastern 1/26/2013

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