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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Site update; new links / references for readers

I've added a very large number of links in the right sidebar, for the convenience of APR readers who wish to be able to get right to plant-specific information.  I'll briefly summarize the links.

I've added links to the major nuclear plant designs being offered today for commercial service; this includes direct links to the Westinghouse AP1000 site, GE-Hitachi's various designs, AREVA's various designs, and so forth.

Notable in the addition of these links is the addition of links to all presently offered plants from South Korea - the standardized OPR1000 and the advanced APR1400 being built both in South Korea and in the United Arab Emirates.

I've also added links to official web pages covering the reactor plants used in Russian-offered VVER-1000 and VVER-1200 pressurized water reactor plants.

Of special note, and requiring some description, is the link titled "MIR-1200 Russian Co-Op Projects."  This general design plan covers plants built cooperatively, and includes the completion of unfinished plants.  This not only applies to the Temelin Units 3 and 4 but is offered for other sites in various parts of the world. 

The links under "China" are first for the co-operative (technology transfer) AP1000 projects ongoing inside China with Westinghouse, and then are for the planned indigenously designed and built CAP1400 nuclear station to follow - for new build in China and for export.  Unfortunately, the CAP1400 page is not very detailed; I have better technical information in a brochure obtained directly from CNNC representatives at the ANS National Meeting / Nuclear Technology Expo from this past summer, which I may get on the site at some point.

There are also links to the various SMR projects newly added; finally, some direct links to various blogs and sites are also new.

I will be adding more links of interest as I get the time.

3:20 PM Eastern 11/20/2012

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