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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SITREP on Nuclear Plants - 1 PM 10/30

Several links to pass along with this update..

-NRC has issued a fresh press release, which includes little different information that we've already presented and / or linked here.  Click here to see it.

-The folks behind ANS Nuclear Cafe have compiled a massive Hurricane Sandy / Nuclear Plant resource, with updates and links galore.  This should be the first stop for anyone trying to get a handle on the situation; click here to see it.

-There are some stories circulating (mostly on anti-nuclear news "services") about the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.  We took care of the myths being spread already with a special article I wrote for ANS Nuclear Cafe last evening.  Click here to read it.

All nuclear plants are in a safe condition at this time in the storm affected areas.

12:55 PM Eastern 10/30/2012

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