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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nuclear Electricity Project - Kenya

The Kenyan NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY PROJECT has launched its multi-faceted online presence to educate and inform the public about the project underway to bring this nation reliable electric power.  The Kenyan NEP Facebook page gives the following brief description of the program:

"Nuclear Electricity Project was founded in 2010 by the government of Kenya under the Ministry of Energy through the Energy Act Sessional Paper No. 4. Its vision is to provide affordable, reliable, safe and secure nuclear electricity for Kenyans."

I myself was very impressed with the presentations and statements made at the 2012 ANS Annual Meeting by another nation just launching a nuclear power program - the UAE - although they're much further along; at that time I decided to begin to follow news of all the nations investigating initial studies for nuclear power generation.  I believe it is telling that the Kenyan government wishes to do something that established nuclear power nations like Japan, Germany and Switzerland are backing away from; that is, provide its people with reliable 24 hour electric power to allow for better hospitals, better industry, better jobs and income, and a better way of life.

Here are the links to various media outlets of the Kenyan Nuclear Electricity Project:

Nuclear Electricity Project - This is the main site of the project, still under construction.

Nuclear Project Kenya Facebook page - Official NEP FB site.  News and updates.

Nuclear Project Kenya YouTube - Official video site for the NEP.

Nuclear Kenya / Twitter - Look for @nuclearkenya

There are two informative, introductory videos on the Nuclear Electricity Project's video channel as its launch videos.  APR's YouTube Channel has favorited one of these and will continue to follow the videos.

Congratulations are in order to the Kenyan program for making sure that its public information and outreach is up and running at the start of the project; this will help ensure transparency and understanding.

11:36 AM Eastern 9/18/2012


  1. Thank you for acknowledging what we are doing in the social media in terms of reaching out to citizens of Kenya and the world in general as a means of making nuclear power known and supported as a long term solution to energy security for this country.

  2. You are very welcome, and I look forward to reporting Kenya's continued progress and success in this investment in its people and its future.