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Sunday, August 26, 2012

San Onofre - Notification of Unusual Event 8/26

Roughly half an hour ago, SCE (Southern California Edison) reported by Twitter that operators at the shut down San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station ("SONGS") felt an earthquake in the control room.

At that time, SCE made a Notification of Unusual Event, per procedure, to local authorities and the State of California.

Both SONGS units remain safely shut down according to SCE's reports on Twitter. The two reactors have been shut down for some time while dealing with steam generator tube problems - a fact well documented on this website.

If there is any change in the plant's status, or significant updates, they will appear here. For now, follow the APR Twitter feed - @atomicnews - for news.

5:05 PM Eastern 8/26/2012

At 5:00 PM Eastern, SCE tweeted: "No issues or concerns."

At 2:03 PM Local Time, SCE issued another Notification of Unusual Event after feeling a second earthquake at SONGS. No plant systems harmed, no risk to public safety, according to SCE. SCE will advise when Notifications are cleared.

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