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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NEI Videos on Nuclear Construction Costs

NEI has posted three new brief videos on its YouTube channel (these are also "favorited" on the APR YouTube channel) which answer some of the recent charges and questions about the cost of the new nuclear plants being built in the United States.

All three videos feature Steve Byrne of South Carolina Electric & Gas.


The first video addresses the charges that the new nuclear plants are over budget as a result of recent statements by the companies involved in their construction and newly released cost estimates.

The second video addresses the reduction in total cost made possible by CWIP provisions applied to the four plants presently under construction.

The third video briefly explains why we can expect present and future nuclear plant construction projects to come in under budget when compared with older nuclear builds which did not.

I applaud NEI for posting these; they give brief, concise reasons why no one should panic about the construction costs of the present working projects and how they might doom future nuclear builds - at least, on the large commercial scale - for the future.

10:00 AM Eastern 7/24/2012

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