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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday at ANS Annual Meeting 2012

Today's events, encapsulated!

Many regular APR readers will recall the guest post made a while back by Meredith Angwin on the design, construction and testing of steam generators; this post is among the most popular ever on this site. Today, Meredith and I met and went for a long walk down Michigan Avenue, talking about many varied things and getting to know each other. I took dozens of photos; some will appear here on this site.

Later on I met up with Dan Yurman, author of the well known Idaho Samizdat blog and from whom I took over moderating the ANS Social Media List. We caught up over coffee, and discussed a wide range of topics from highly technical material to politics and of course the progression of the upcoming events.

I had the great fortune to meet Bonnifer Ballard today as well. Bonnifer has come to the ANS only recently, and is the ANS Director of Outreach. We had a long and very interesting conversation - wouldn't you know we're both Navy veterans!

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with the Public Information Committee meeting which I sat in on as I was asked to make a short presentation concerning the ANS Nuclear Cafe blog post on spent fuel at Fukushima Daiichi which I wrote with the help of many others and even more who subjected the piece to two rounds of peer review.

The cap for the day's official events was the President's Reception in the DD&R / ICAPP exhibit hall. The representation was great, the turnout great and the food and drink lavish. I had the great fortune to meet a large number of people (too numerous to list, and a list does no justice) and managed to cross off a large part of my "must meet" list.

Tomorrow, keep an eye on the APR Twitter feed (that's "@atomicnews") for continuous reports from the Plenary Session, and other events. The hashtag for the annual meeting is #ans12.

9:55 PM Central 6/24/2012


  1. When can we expect to see your paper?
    There is real need for a solid piece on this subject, judging by the near hysteria the topic appears to induce, even among some otherwise reasonably sensible investment types.

  2. The paper has been up, netudiant! It went up in early June; the presentation I made to the PI committee concerned its construction and its effect. Look here: http://ansnuclearcafe.org/2012/05/16/spent-fuel-at-fukushima-not-dangerous/