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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ohi reactor restart in Japan fully approved.

At roughly 11:37 AM Tokyo time, which was 10:37 PM here EDT, news broke in Japan that full governmental approval to restart two reactor plants at the Ohi nuclear station in Fukui Prefecture has been obtained. The Fukui governor, the Prime Minister and all advisorts have approved the restart.

According to Daily Yomiuri, Ohi 3 will restart first in early July, followed by Ohi 4 and then Ohi 2 in late July. All of the plants at this site are pressurized water reactors.

Thanks to Tom Killian, who first reported this story on GEPR's Facebook page and on the "Nukes" Facebook page, at a point when it was not yet available in English. (As of the last ten minutes, the NHK World home page has added an English language 'breaking news' headline on the matter.)

11:22 PM Eastern 6/15/2012

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