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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three websites worth seeing

Very often it happens around here that I pile up a number of links that I have been meaning to publish on APR so that the greater pro-nuclear world can get a look at them. I've hit that time where I need to start getting some of these out; today I'll start with three.

The first two are actually very new pro-nuclear blog sites, which of course is good news to all of us who are pro-nuclear bloggers. It means that we have not yet reached that 'critical mass' point at which more pro-nuclear blogs are superfluous.

The first one was actually featured in the 100th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers, and is called "ENTREPRENUCLEAR." The author of this blog keeps his ID quiet - many on the inside do - but seems to have a unique approach to promoting nuclear energy.

Click here to see ENTREPRENUCLEAR

Next, Colin Megson has a brand new blog covering the LFTR field - and thorium fuel is beginning to get a fair amount of play again in theoretical discussions. That fact alone probably makes watching this blog important.

Click here to see LFTRs TO POWER THE PLANET

Finally, a commercial site. An excellent commercial site - probably one of the best I've ever seen. The presentation, the content, the style - and especially the photography - are absolutely world-class. This is one of the finest commercial nuclear sites that I have ever seen; some of the photos in the gallery are stunning, and I actually have selected a number to use as backgrounds (wallpaper) on my laptop. Anyone associated with a commercial site - and by that I mean a site owned and run by a business associated in some way with nuclear energy - should see this site.

What is most interesting is that it's the site of Bulgaria's only nuclear power station.

Click here to see the KOZLODUY NUCLEAR POWER PLANT PLC official site in English

The photo gallery is an absolute must see. The artwork on the side of the training complex building, in some sort of Soviet style modernist form is just wonderful. Better still are some of the internal plant views - and tops are the views showing the environs of the plant site. There is a great deal to see on this site - leave yourself a half hour or more!

8:50 AM Eastern 5/3/2012

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  1. Thanks for the plug, Will. There should be about 2 new posts up on Entreprenuclear over this upcoming weekend.