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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NuSource LLC - Press Release

Press release on formation of NuSource LLC follows.

MPR & Gavial Form Joint Venture, NuSource LLC, to Address Nuclear Industry Obsolescence

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Alexandria, VA (May 15, 2012) - MPR Associates Inc. signed an agreement with Gavial Holdings, Inc. to create NuSource, LLC, a joint venture company dedicated to providing integrated, end-to-end engineered and manufactured solutions for obsolete components to the nuclear industry.

NuSource combines MPR's world class engineering expertise in design & licensing bases, plant operations and maintenance, and configuration control program requirements with Gavial's best-in-class fabrication and manufacturing capabilities under the requirements of 10CFR50, Appendix B. Through this unique and comprehensive combination of nuclear engineering and manufacturing expertise, NuSource delivers turn-key, engineered solutions for nuclear safety related equipment and components to the commercial nuclear industry.

"NuSource will function as a one-stop shop for nuclear equipment related to safety and reliability," states MPR's Principal Officer Robert Coward. "By working with its [NuSource] customers to understand the needs for each situation, to examine each replacement alternative, and to define all applicable design and licensing bases requirements, NuSource will be able to provide the best solutions that resolve obsolescence issues within the framework of the plant owner's engineering, procurement, and maintenance programs and consistent with business plan objectives." MPR possesses nearly 50 years of experience in creative engineering solutions and successful management of projects for nuclear power clients and Gavial has over 30 years of experience in the high-quality manufacturing of safety, and non-safety related instrumentation & controls as well as fabricated mechanical equipment. "Both Gavial and MPR are thoroughly committed to ensuring NuSource's success," commented Don Connors, CEO of Gavial. "MPR's well-established experience with engineering of nuclear component's and Gavial's proven experience with manufacturing nuclear hardware complement each other and make us exceptional partners for one another."

NuSource is headquartered in Alexandria, VA.
To learn more please visit, www.nusourcellc.com.


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1:30 PM 5/15/2012

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