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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fukushima spent fuel pools: Not the major issue

Those of you who have been waiting for me to say something about these many varied articles and interviews floating around the broadcast world and internet predicting doom because of the supposed shaky situation of the spent fuel at Fukushima Daiichi have completed your wait. What's significant is that I didn't say it here.

You can find my latest work at the American Nuclear Society's ANS NUCLEAR CAFE site. Click here to access my article. I will immediately add that I not only consulted a number of documents to write this, but also had help in the peer review process from many great people (who are listed at the ANS page - I made sure they were not left out. I hope I got everyone.) Steve Aplin, who was not involved until the end of the process deserves mention as well as he read over the final draft in addition to the others on the list.

I hope you enjoy it - and further, I hope that this kind of thing continues to head off the unwarranted fear being spread among the public by paid anti-nuclear activists who profit handsomely at the expense of your nerves.

8:25 AM Eastern 5/16/2012

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