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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big event this weekend!

The 100th Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers will be hosted here at APR this weekend. I would encourage everyone associated with any pro-nuclear / nuclear related blog to get contributions in on this one, which will be heavily promoted. And it should be heavily promoted - the world of pro-nuclear blogging has come a very long way in order to be able to reach this pinnacle. APR is proud to be hosting it.

Keep watching for further announcements.


  1. Will, what is the submission deadline, and who decides whether posts make the cut?


  2. @Joel: The submission deadline is by noon on Saturday. I decide which posts make the cut (since I'm hosting) with the blogs submitting the posts being blogs that are normally discussing energy in general or nuclear energy in particular and which are NOT anti-nuclear oreiented. (They could have their own Carnival if they wanted to.)

  3. No worries, if I complete my submission in time, it will be on the pro side.

  4. Pleased to hear that APR is carrying the Nuclear Carnival's torch on this 100th lap, and it's a logical choice since the history of anything is the base of where you came from and teacher to where you're going! Fascinating tidbits like atomic steam generator companies having roots in steam locomotives is what makes history so intriguing! Hope you'll also cover any tie-ins with past space reactor power systems!

    Awaiting your 200th!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY