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Sunday, March 18, 2012

ANS Nuclear Cafe hosts 96th Carnival today

The 96th weekly installment of the rotating Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is now up for everyone's review at the American Nuclear Society's "ANS Nuclear Cafe" blog.

Click here to get to Carnival no. 96.

This feature appears weekly at one or another of the world's top, pro-nuclear blogs and sites. It's the best chance to see newsworthy items of the last week, items that may be of interest to the nuclear industry but which were skipped by large media, corrections to pieces run in large media without consulting the nuclear industry... well, frankly, there are so many types of posts you can find having been submitted by the blog authors that I haven't room to list them all. You get the idea.

And to the ANS Nuclear Cafe... I like that Ferris wheel!

5:00 PM Eastern Sunday March 18, 2012

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