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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An update on the Russian submarine fire.

There are new photos and reports out which indicate that the fire which recently occurred while a Russian Delta IV class SSBN was drydocked was actually inside the submarine... at least, inside the superstructure or outer hull.

The fire appears to have taken place inside the outer hull, but outside the pressure hull. The following site has some interesting photos but it should be made clear that what we appear to be seeing here is an outer hull cut allowing access to the forward main ballast tanks and NOT to the submarine's torpedo room.

January 3 update on BARENTS OBSERVER

The actual job that was being performed is not clear, although use of wooden scaffolding is clear. There may have been welding work in the ballast tank to add or remove solid (lead or other material) ballast to correct ship trim, or there may have been welding work to replace piping or ballast tank valves, or there may have been other work underway of another nature.

It's even more clear now that the power plant (two reactors) was at no risk due to this fire.

11:10 AM Eastern Tuesday January 3, 2012

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  1. It's fascinating how similiar the bow damage is (for different reasons) this is with the submarine that ran into an undersea mountain several years ago (the Lord was them!). Those newscasts stuck in my mind because most folks think that the torpedo room and living areas of a sub go clear up to the tip of the bow; it's amazing how "empty" it looks in all that space!