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Monday, January 16, 2012

APR medical time-out

Regular readers may have noticed a very recent 'radio silence' on the part of Atomic Power Review. We are experiencing a medical emergency in the family and, as a result, I have no time to devote to things atomic for the moment.

Readers are strongly encouraged to use the 'blog roll' on the right side of the APR web page to see updates from other pro-nuclear bloggers; use of the extensive link list of nuclear industry and blog websites will also help.

Readers should expect one of the extensive "Review" updates on this site when I can return to it, which with any luck could be within a week.

8:30 AM Eastern Monday January 16, 2011


  1. Wish he/she gets better.


  2. My best wishes to you and your family, Will!

  3. @Everyone: Thank you very much for the kind comments and e-mails. My father is in the hospital suffering heart failure and no one yet knows fully how this will play out.

  4. My hopes and prayers go out to you and your father and family.

    James Greenidge

  5. @james: Thanks, James! I really appreciate that. He's in the intensive care unit now, and while last night (night of the 17th) it was really bad for a while he seemed better this morning. About to go back for afternoon hours.

  6. Will,
    Just caught up on the news.
    My hopes and prayers go out for your dad.
    Take care of your family. They are your first priority.
    All the best,
    Wolfgang Demisch

  7. @Wolfgang: Thank you so much.

    Unfortunately we lost our Dad yesterday, January 20th, 2012. This was his 78th birthday, having been born January 20th, 1934. Services include visitation Monday and burial Tuesday. I will be attempting to ensure NNSW coverage anyway on APR because it's an important issue... and because my Dad tirelessly railed for an educated population.