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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

National Nuclear Science Week - this time, next month!

Readers of this site have surely noticed the icon on the right side carrying the emblem of National Nuclear Science Week, which is a link to the website set up to get out the message about this important educational event.

There is about one month left until NNSW; it runs January 23 to January 27; five school days worth of possibilities for our educators to get nuclear science into the schools.

Each day of the week has a specific focus. These are:

Monday, January 23: Get to Know Nuclear
Tuesday, January 24: Careers in Nuclear Fields
Wednesday, January 25: Nuclear Energy Generation
Thursday, January 26: Nuclear Safety
Friday, January 27: Nuclear Medicine

Are you an educator, or school administrator? Are you prepared for this opportunity? Do you have resources in place? It is NOT too late.

You can click here to get to National Nuclear Science Week's site where educational resources are available.

You can click here to access a wonderful compilation of high school level educational resources compiled by Meredith Angwin over at Yes Vermont Yankee.

You can look at the extensive link list on the right side of Atomic Power Review's pages; many of these links have content that can help develop a lesson plan or answer questions. Also, many of the bloggers can and will answer questions sent via comments or via e-mail.

The American Nuclear Society can provide speakers with enough advance notice if any are available in your area, and has materials available on line. Here is one link. There is also "About Nuclear," set up by ANS. Click here to see that site.

So there it is. One month.. plenty of time.. and quite a number of resources. APR will be hosting a special article each day on the relevant topics as well, and I have a feeling a number of other pro-nuclear blogs and sites will be doing so too. Get ready!

8:55 AM Eastern Wednesday December 21, 2011


  1. Seasons Greetings!

    Maybe these are off-the-wall notions, but I'd like for Nuclear Sci Week to at least try to correct the prevalent and persistent opinion in media and textbooks that the atomic age began as a terrible explosion in the desert or over a Japanese city instead of under a quiet stadium in Chicago. (Maybe "It All Began Here!" souvenir tee shirts in Chicago? -- a city that seems shameful of even mentioning the honor!). Even if turning this perception around is maybe a vain cause at least people will be aware that atomic energy didn't first wake on Earth as a omen of death.

    Too late for Nuclear Sci Week yet maybe too early in the year to swing, but I had the wild notion that one way to show widespread linked community support for atomic energy is to hold a nationwide carnival/celebration/learn-in barbecue simultaneously held at or near the site of all 104(?) reactors in the country. Ideally when weather's favorable and school's out like the summer and on a day significant in atomic energy. Personally I'd hold it on a day not exactly related to nuclear energy (though nuclear energy is key in its ultimate fulfillment) but one just as significant in the history of mankind yet incredibly uncelebrated and almost totally ignored and overlooked, that being July 20th. I'm sure NASA and space buffs wouldn't mind us co-hosting their overdue party.

    Just a notion.

    James Greenidge

  2. Apologies!

    I meant nationwide nuclear _festival_, not _carnival_! Please correct my post! Thanks!

    James Greenidge