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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carnival 83 up at ANS Nuclear Cafe

The 83rd Carnival is now up at one of my favorite sites, the ANS Nuclear Cafe. This rotating feature not only is useful in giving a reader a glimpse of what each of us in the nuclear blogosphere is writing about; it also is a great weekly wrap-up of news items that may or may not have peaked on, say, the Google News page but nevertheless are of specific interest to people in the know. That last fact should be a good reason to check out the Carnival ... what the nuclear bloggers are saying is probably much more fact-filled and relevant than the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) pieces* you see in the mainstream media.

Click here to get to Carnival 83 at ANS Nuclear Cafe.

For those wondering about the Carnival and the upcoming Christmas holiday... there WILL be a Carnival 84 this weekend and it will be hosted ON THIS WEBSITE. That's right - Atomic Power Review is presenting the Carnival this weekend. If you have the time.. or if you have LOTS of time.. then make sure to look here because this feature will be uninterrupted by the holiday.

7:12 AM Eastern Tuesday December 20, 2011

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