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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Carnival 81 on line now

Dan Yurman has posted the 81st Carnival of Nuclear Bloggers over at his fine blog, "Idaho Samizdat." APR's post on the December 2 anniversary date for nuclear energy history is included in this Carnival as are quite a number of other very fine articles worth reading.

Click here to get to Carnival 81 at Idaho Samizdat.

6:10 PM Eastern Sunday December 4, 2011


  1. Will, can you find out whether the report of significant strontium content in the desalination plant leak is accurate? Thanks.

  2. @joffan: I've been looking at the data TEPCO is releasing on this whole event, as well as the Japanese media and I expect to make a post on this whole affair tomorrow morning. I can tell you one fact right now: Only conducting a walkdown of the equipment once a day (it was last inspected 21 hours before the leak was found) is completely unacceptable. You've either got to have frequent walkdowns or else some sort of remote leak detection. TV cameras would not be a bad idea, or else moisture probes and remote alarms.