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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some new websites.

Here are two sites that are worth looking at... and which are PRO-NUCLEAR!

Nuclear Friends Foundation is located in India, and has as its focus the developing nuclear energy industry in that country. However, much of their information is wholly applicable elsewhere.

What is Nuclear? This site has as its mandate the "no-nonsense public education on the use of nuclear energy to help with the energy problem." Lots of information easily read on this site.


And we also have another new ANS member's site: The Nuclear Diner! This awesome looking site was just launched this week and yours truly will be going straight away to sign up and begin participating. Cheryl Rofer is to be commended; I really like the presentation of this site. It's unique among nuclear websites and blogs.

That's three sites to check out that are pro-nuclear!

8:15 AM Eastern Wednesday October 12, 2011

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