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Thursday, September 22, 2011

New TEPCO video on RPV, PCV measurements


TEPCO has released a new video detailing the status of instruments used to measure water level, pressure and temperature in the reactor pressure vessels and primary containment vessels at Fukushima Daiichi's three reactor plants. (The fourth did not have a core installed and is not included.)

While the video is interesting, unfortunately TEPCO did not convert the graphics to English as it did in some other videos. The narrative is very informative though and the video is fully worth watching.

In this video TEPCO reveals its assumption that some of the fuel is in the primary containment vessels. This is not the first time TEPCO has stated this, but the company's mention of this condition is very sparse. This has naturally been assumed by many for a long time, although the majority opinion is that most of the core material remains inside the pressure vessels; the spike in pressure at No. 2 plant upon initiation of core spray ring flow supports this theory very well.

The newest TEPCO video is presently (9/22) the featured video on the APR YouTube channel.

8:50 PM Eastern Thursday September 22, 2011

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