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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

US Earthquake information

According to the wires, and good inside information, there was only one nuclear power plant affected by today's earthquake: North Anna station, which comprises two nuclear power plants. No unsafe condition exists. The plants were shut down quickly and safely.

ANS NUCLEAR CAFE has a good update of the information regarding the quake.

Both reactors at North Anna, operated by Dominion Power and located about 40 miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia, are Westinghouse three-loop pressurized water reactors. Their construction was begun in 1971. The plants are shut down safely and are being supplied power by three of the four onsite diesels.


More details as they're available; note the range of nuclear blog links on this site for further information. However, let's post this: NO severe situation exists at the plant at this time.

Below, both of North Anna's reactor containment buildings are visible in this shot provided by Dominion.

7:10 PM Eastern Tuesday August 23, 2011

UPDATE: {8:50 PM Eastern Tuesday} Thanks to Dan Yurman, we are now aware that the shutdown at North Anna was automatic, due to LOOP (Loss Of Offsite Power) due to some problem in the electrical switchyard at the plant. Loss of external power triggers an automatic shutdown. At this time, approaching two hours after the first post and many since the quake, there are still no reports of any serious matters at the plant. Many of us are monitoring the situation and reports will appear here and at the fine sites linked at the right of this blog.

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