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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi Bulletins

Four bulletins this morning; full details and more photos later today.

-TEPCO has repaired and tested the spent fuel pool cooling and filtering system setup at No. 4 plant and found it to be sound.

-TEPCO has sent personnel into No. 3 reactor building, instead of a robot, to prepare a connection to inject nitrogen to No. 3 plant's dry well. The photos appear to show a large snap-type Hansen (or Swagelok, etc) coupling.

-NHK is reporting that it has obtained a not too widely circulated time frame outline for the entire plant recovery that details core removal in ten years.

-Preliminary assembly of No. 1 reactor building's cover is underway at Onahama, and the large crane at Fukushima Daiichi is now frequently seen in the live camera view.

MANY more details and photos later today.

6:10 AM Eastern Saturday July 9, 2011


  1. Thanks for the article. It's quite impressive and encouraging to see humans operating where anti-nukers swore only robots would ever dare tread!
    God knows I'm no lawyer, but I wonder can a plant be shut down primarily based on speculative fears, i.e. Indian Point and Vermont Yankee? That is the core of this issue, isn't it? Fear of what worst you _assume_ will occur with a nuclear reactor rather than the evidence of over sixty years worldwide nuclear power use with incredibly low worker/public casualty tallies -- including the most infamous meltdown failures which on an industrial scorecard would make nuclear energy a no-brainer firesale bargain for power use. Emotional qualms regarded over Historial Record and Proof? Is that legal?

    James Greenidge

  2. I hope Greg Laden will provide the source for his comments today.

    If you know where this is coming from, it'd be helpful if you would provide a pointer to the source.

    Otherwise all we have is "he says someone else says" stuff, which isn't easy to verify.


    "July 9, 2011 10:56 AM, by Analiese Miller and Greg Laden

    Perhaps the most interesting single thing on the table in today's update is the revelation that at least one of Fukushima's reactors suffered sufficient damage from the earthquake that hit the region ... prior to the tsunami ... to have likely gone out of control or melted down.... there are people who saw the damage happen during the earthquake and some of them are talking...."

    (I posted the same request for a source at his blog page, after reading through today's post there.)

  3. Hank:

    Let not his pious ilk's malacious alarmist poison to the nuclear clueless and skittish go uncontested. It's our best interest to challenge all fearmongers who want to alter public and energy policy without any responsibilty for the consequences as an educational public service.

    James Greenidge

  4. Here's the source:

    More details there. The article ends:

    No one knows exactly how much damage was done to the plant by the quake, or if this damage alone would account for the meltdown. However, eyewitness testimony and TEPCO’S own data indicates that the damage was significant. ....

  5. Nuclear blogs have get together and go right into these anti-nuke "news" sites and blogs and challenge the heck out of their mostly malacious and poisonous assertions right in their lair. If we sit back and wait for the "fight" to come to us then we've all lost because their hollow spin and lies would've wiled the public.

    James Greenidge