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Friday, June 24, 2011

Two interviews.

I am very proud to announce that I've participated in two interviews in the last week and that the results are now on line.

The first interview was with Glenn Williams at The Street. Glenn and I talked at length about the recent JAIF-published compilation of public opinion polling about nuclear energy in Japan, and many other things at length as well. I probably learned much more from Glenn than he gleaned from my knowledge of what's going on in Japan; Glenn is a wonderful source of energy industry knowledge and I certainly look forward to speaking with him again in the future.

Glenn Williams at THESTREET.COM

The second interview was with that well known and most prominent proponent of nuclear energy, Rod Adams. I had been looking forward to talking with Rod since an early e-mail exchange, because Rod and I have a Navy background in common (although Rod is an Annapolis graduate, and I was an enlisted RO so that we do have different views of the same program.) Our discussion was thorough, Rod was a fantastic interviewer (and a great source of information during the interview instead of just having asked questions, I might add) and the result was, for this author, a real pleasure and certainly an honor. The interview itself is now available on Rod Adams' ATOMIC SHOW web page. I highly recommend looking at the archive as well; there is a ton of information there for the listening.


Thanks again to Glenn Williams and to Rod Adams for the time they gave me, during which I asked questions as well.

2:50 PM Eastern Friday June 24, 2011

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  1. Enjoyed your interview, and regretted you didn't have time to expand on some issues. On your next meet -- hopefully very soon -- I hope you and Rod discuss how pro-nuclear forces can coax or cajole the mass media to pay more heed than prefunctory sound bites from "the other side" since they're so soundly in the pocket of the Greens. How and who gave Greens the "white hat" which educators regard them as in school and nuclear energy is a non-mention -- even discouraged as science fair projects (since atomic power and those who run it are constantly mocked in "The Simpsons" that's hardly a surprise) -- is a topic I'd like your veiws of. I'd like to hear of personalities or organizations pro-nukers can rally behind to be heard by the constantly green-washed masses and educating the public against the disinformation of fear-mongers.
    Good show.

    James Greenidge