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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TEPCO: New equipment illustrations

TEPCO has released some new official photographs of equipment specially prepared for use at the Fukushima Daiichi site.

First is a smaller machine, the QinetiQ TALON, along with its remote control unit.

Next is a Bobcat T300 compact track loader. These Bobcats, when fitted with what Bobcat calls its Selectable Joystick Control system, are available from the factory with remote control. Note the cameras fitted to the machine in various locations.

And, here is a link to Bobcat T300 data at Bobcat Company's site.

A small piece of remote controlled construction equipment is shown next; this is the very interesting BROKK 90 in a press photo supplied through TEPCO by the maker of the equipment, TAISEI corporation. Notable are the dual attachments; a pincer type attached to the arm, and a clamshell bucket type. Also of note is the fact that a piece of equipment this size has outriggers for stability, seen deployed in this illustration.

The Brokk 90 is an electro-hydraulic unit, incorporating an 11 KW electric motor to drive hydraulics that operate the rest of the machine. See details here.

Also shown is the much larger Taisei BROKK 330, again through TEPCO courtesy TAISEI.

Taisei does not feature the 330 on its site; it appears to have been replaced with the 330D diesel powered model. This Brokk 330 appears to be powered electrically like the smaller Brokk 90 seen previously. This makes sense, given the confined nature of the spaces in which these machines will work.

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