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Sunday, May 15, 2011

BWR Pressure Vessel illustrations

This is a companion post to a previous post. Click here to read the post about reactor core conditions at Fukushima Daiichi No. 1.

A previous post made, but lost due to a blogger.com software data corruption failure, included two TEPCO press photos which show a fairly elaborate model of a BWR reactor pressure vessel. Here again are those two illustrations. The second is only a closeup of the lower head detail.

Below are some further drawings, all previously seen on this site, which are generally applicable to the plants at Fukushima Daiichi (except for No. 6 plant.)
These are from AEC/NRC reports, primarily WASH-1082 and WASH-1250 in the APRA collection.

ABOVE, diagram of reactor internals generally applicable to BWR/3 and BWR/4 cores.

ABOVE, Mark I containment layout including reactor building. Cross section view; from WASH-1082.

ABOVE, perspective of primary and secondary containment construction and reactor building from WASH-1250.

These illustrations will help those new to this terminology and new to reactor plant construction in understanding the press reports and reports here. Readers should be reminded to click all pictures above to enlarge; also, use the Google search feature on this blog to find more information in many past posts.

10:45 PM Eastern Sunday 5/15


  1. Thanks for these! This is an education and a half! If only the mainstream media were half as thorough!

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