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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vermont Yankee on the block due to Fukushima Daiichi

The long-time readers of this blog might recall last year's various comments on the entire Vermont Yankee situation vis a vis licensing rights that the state of Vermont has, which no other state has. Here is one example.

Now, it looks as if the license extension is contentious on a whole new level as Entergy is suing the state as of Monday. This has all been going on, as you now see, for years... and it looks like there's more than just nuclear safety going on here since Entergy claims that the government offered some sort of deal to allow the license extension if Entergy would offer price cuts to Vermont customers.

The situation in Vermont regarding the plant has always been messy since the Vermont state legislature inserted itself in the process. It has gotten worse since a number of mistakes were made by Entergy ... particularly regarding the tritium situation in the groundwater.

We'll keep an eye on this to see how it turns out. Whatever the case, it might start a precedent against other plants of similar type and vintage.

4:20 AM Eastern Tuesday 4/19

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  1. Wonder whether a resident class action suit would work against windfarms for ruining scenic natural vistas horizon to horizon not by accident but by design...

    James Greenidge