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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday morning update

TEPCO intends to begin the transfer of the most highly contaminated water within a day; the water from No. 2 turbine building will be pumped to the rad waste building which is south of the four damaged reactor plants, while the water in the pipe tunnel outside No. 2 plant will (at least temporarily) be pumped to that plant's main condenser. Apparently TEPCO has bored holes in the places in all buildings required to pass hoses; however, it cannot start work until the hoses are placed and the rad waste building is inspected for integrity.

Pressures continue to increase very slowly on No. 1 reactor plant, both in the reactor pressure vessel and in the drywell. Temperature has reduced slightly; the latest figure is 227C. Nitrogen injection to the drywell continues.

More details later on today.

6:10 AM Eastern Sunday 4/10

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  1. i have strong feeling that oxides of nitrogen would be formed in the drywell and its surroundings,are they any threat to the walls ?