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Monday, April 25, 2011

Some more irrelevance.

You'll see some coverage in the press of an anti-nuclear protest in Austria. Austria? That's right! A country with no nuclear power plants. Well, no OPERATING nuclear power plants.

Austria almost had one; the Tullnerfeld generating station, which was a Kraftwerk Union BWR (2100 MWt / 692 MWe) whose construction began in 1972 but which was never started up. A public vote cancelled its operation in 1978.

Austria amended its constitution to ban all nuclear power plant construction back in 1999.

So why are we concerned with this protest rally -- which only had 2000 attendees? Even the much-ballyhooed Tokyo rally doubled this in number, and those people are a lot closer to the action, as it were.

Totally irrelevant.

9:20 PM Eastern 4/25

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  1. Well, not totally irrelevant, considering that Chernobyl radiation was sprinkled on them and that Fukushima fallout is now present in the air, water and soils of most of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Perhaps they have been studying the effects of low level radiation and the fate of hot longlived particles and are taking a moral stand against the radioactive pollution of the Earth?