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Monday, April 4, 2011

Seawater contamination - Fukushima brief update

And, again not very surprisingly, we've just seen our first hint of some of the site's geological setting with a reference in the Japanese media that TEPCO has indicated that there seems to be a permeable sandy layer underneath the levels of the pipe tunnels / cable tunnels ("trenches") at the Fukushima Daiichi site that may be permeated with contaminated water. A hint that some sort of further injection to either the piping or ground is intended today was given.

6:15 PM Eastern Monday 4/4


  1. What is the residual if radioactively contaminated water is left on concrete surfaces for some time?
    Can the site be easily cleaned sufficiently to allow work in the space or is it a bear to get enough dirt off?
    The facilities have now been subjected to several weeks of radioactive pollution. Is that going to start crimping the cleanup process?

  2. Well, considering the porosity of concrete I'd have to imagine that it's pretty hot, radiologically. That might present challenges inside the buildings for sure.

  3. Look at the aerial pictures: There is jumbled radioactive rubble everywhere, plus contaminated cars, firetrucks, hoses, generators, etc. Its a no-go zone that will take years and thousands of jumpers to disentangle. That's the best case - if we get recriticality, meltdown into the groundwater or a core steam explosion (radioactive volcano) the site will have to be completely abandoned.