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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New cooling systems at Fukushima Daiichi...

I've just read the first concrete piece of evidence about how the new systems TEPCO is planning to install will work. Apparently, the idea is to obtain the feed for the pumps from, according to the article, "the reactor containment buildings." This still isn't clear, but it does seem to indicate that TEPCO acknowledges the leakage and intends to recycle water in a sort of non-sealed, but closed loop fashion for the primary cooling... the heat from which will be transferred to sea water.

Right now, without any further information, it might be assumed that TEPCO will be taking the water directly from the dry wells or the suppression pools. Important to note is that the primary side of this system will become highly radioactively contaminated, so that the equipment will need to be shielded or else access controlled as the rad level around the equipment will be very high.

5:00 PM Eastern Saturday 4/16


  1. http://djysrv.blogspot.com/2011/04/fukushimas-future-blueprints-are.html

  2. Presumably another part of this setup would be a very capable filter/ion exchange water purification setup,
    to try to constrain the ongoing increase in the radioactivity of the cooling water.
    On the face of it, this will need to be a uniquely large installation, as there are few demands industrially for a multi hundred ton/day capacity setup of this type.
    Is it even possible to scale up the reactor water polishing setup to those levels or do we need something entirely new?

  3. How to understand, that they arrive just now to the plan of installing a closed cooling system?

    I got this idea at least 3 weeks ago and was wondering about the behavior of Tepco when they were playing with different kinds of injecting water, while this caused the release of contaminated water or storage issues.

    They just would have might use a barge, pumping water from it for cooling and back again into the barge, there being cooled by the water of the ocean.

    I think also installing a filtering of the fission nucleids would be possible, having some kind of container filled with sand, coal or like this.

    Maybe the Japanese or Tepco are lacking the ability of creative solution, that's needed, while the routine is working no more in Fukushima.

  4. How a new cooling system can be installed, if part of it is inside or in the walls of the reactor, in an inaccesible radiant zone??