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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Italy bails on a nuclear future...

Reported fairly widely right now is the fact that the Italian government has decided not to pursue further plans for nuclear power plants, one government representative according to AFP reports saying that the plants "are not culturally acceptable at this time."

Now, it isn't like this is a huge train wreck. Italy already bailed out on nuclear power a generation ago... it shut down all its nuclear plants in a pointless act of self-immolation after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. What Italy is cancelling is the beginning of a plan they'd made to return to having some energy generated by nuclear energy.

Italy led the way with this trend back when Chernobyl happened; now, Germany will follow along after Fukushima Daiichi by shutting down all of its nuclear plants. (This certainly makes Libyan oil shipments all the more important, considering that most Libyan oil is sold to Europe.)

The only recent action topping these in total irrelevance is the action of AREVA, of France, who made a big "dog and pony show" of sending their CEO to Japan, amid many flashing bulbs and cameras, who then came away with building only a water treatment plant that anyone could have built. How is it that one of the self-described world wide leaders in nuclear power engineering comes away with less than a bid to defuel the reactors, or at least participate? Well, it probably makes sense, since the French don't have one single boiling water reactor anyway. Contaminated water is contaminated water; they can handle that.

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  1. Unbelievable knee-jerk reactions to a totally unrelated or involved incident. I wonder how many more will be jumping ship and adding to the anti-nuclear pyre who will likely make a pest of themselves carrying pitchforks and referandums of fear to state capitals to copy Vermont Yankee's example.

    James Greenidge

  2. @jimwg: Yes, it is unbelievable, isn't it? This is the kind of instant mob-mentality panic we need to bolster the public against, considering the flame-fanning the media is (and will be) doing.

  3. You might want to add rosatom to the irrelevance list...

    They have been boasting about how they are the only ones with the experience of Chernobyl, and that that makes them the experts in safety.

    They also are claiming that all bwr's are inherently unsafe, and must be replaced....

    as far as I know, ROSATOM hasnt built any significant bwr's...