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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday evening update

A few new details from Fukushima Daiichi... TEPCO has released a very brief look into the spent fuel pool at No. 4 plant.

TEPCO has reduced the water injection rate back to the long-held six cubic meters per hour at No. 1 plant while it ascertains conditions. Robot inspections of the reactor building seem to confirm that the primary containment (dry well) is not leaking water. Temperatures continue to lower at this plant; they had lowered impressively while the water injection was at the highest rate of fourteen cubic meters per hour. According to one press report (but not direct information from TEPCO) nitrogen injection to No. 1 plant has recommenced.

The spraying of dust-inhibiting or "anti scattering" compound is now in full swing, and remote-controlled equipment is now being used during most daylight hours to remove radioactively contaminated debris from the area of the reactor buildings.

Below, a TEPCO press release photo taken by No. 1 reactor building showing temporary power cables running across an access road. Note the heavy steel plate protectors being used to allow the tracked, remotely controlled heavy equipment to pass over the cables.

8:45 PM Eastern Friday 4/29

1 comment:

  1. Interesting that they are spraying the dust inhibitor even though it is raining. Wonder how effective that is.

    The reports were that the pressure in the reactor had fallen to fractionally below atmospheric. which suggests the steam was condensing out.
    Would that not be a desirable situation, a below boiling temperature in the reactor and no serious steam generation? So why did they stop?