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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brief update: Temperatures at Fukushima Daiichi 1,2,3

JAIF has posted its 10:00 AM (Tokyo time) update of general data and plant condition and according to the feed nozzle temperature readings, all three plants are actually at the moment very slowly cooling down (looking at about the last 24 hours) now, so it must be that there was an error, or a temporary spike. It's difficult to say just what the condition of any part of the I&C equipment actually is at this point, given the environment it's being asked to work in.

However, given what little data we have it seems temperature is under control. And, to catch up on a previous trend.. Primary containment pressure at No. 1 plant has certainly stabilized, so that either there's a leak in the containment (although probably not a large one) or else whatever TEPCO is using to inject nitrogen is pumping at shutoff head and they don't know it... but we bet on the former. As apparently does NISA.

10:10 PM Eastern Thursday 4/14

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  1. Will: you previously stated that cooling pumps for US spent fuel pools do share the backup generator supply. Statements from the NRC, Union of Concerned Scientists and this story seem to contradict that statement:


    This story also states that US spent fuel pools were designed for 1/2 a core but now contain up to 5 cores. That they contain up to 10x more fuel than the Fukushima pools did.

    True or false?