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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking update -- TEPCO wins one

As of 5:38 AM Tokyo time, which was about 4:38 PM here, TEPCO made an observation that the flow of water into the cable pit has STOPPED. TEPCO is investigating whether or not there will be another leak that begins elsewhere, but it does mean that the procedure they've developed with the sodium silicate works.

6:08 PM Eastern Tuesday 4/5

1 comment:

  1. If its not already known: the Areva-analysis of the accident.

    By my reflection: Tepco's still doing too less too late, vasting too much time - ending up with the russian sarcophague solution.

    When looking at the water issues: Japan is having many big ships, tankers and like that, that may contain 300.000 tons. The barges, they have now would have been needed in the first week, including generators and pumps on them. Now this kind of tool is to tiny. I think there 's an inappropriate approach of thriftyness that causes escalation of the calamities at the site.

    Also the lack of workers and their bad supplyment.
    The russians were faster to understand when the chernobyl-accident happened: already the third day they had more than thousand helicopter flyovers, carrying 2000 tons of lead and other materials. At the third day Tepco vanished from the site.

    Relating the water issue: if they were having a greater barge or tanker, couldnt they use the freshwater of it for cooling and afterwards collect it back and recycle it for cooling? maybe even use some filtering of the contamination.

    But I fear, that the japanese / Tepco isn't able to do the needed kind of approach since not grasping the danger they really are in:
    they have been very lucky within the last weeks: the weather has been playing nice with them.
    What when this turns and they go to face a taiphoon, washing the output of the reactors over the country?

    I think, they need to hurry, whatever kind of solution they decide.