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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AREVA awarded water treatment plant contract...

AREVA, of France, has been awarded the first post-accident contract at Fukushima Daiichi. This company will construct on-site a large water treatment plant which will filter and decontaminate the large volume of contaminated water on-site (now totalling some 67,000 tons at last estimate and growing daily.) The announcement was made Tuesday in Tokyo, by TEPCO officials.

We're still waiting for a nod to one or the other groups of reactor vendors and their consultant firms to see which gets the contract to decommission the plants. Both are very viable candidates. If AREVA has thrown its hat in this ring, we're not aware of it.

12:25 PM Eastern Tuesday 4/19


  1. IIRC areva is part of the Toshiba bid..

  2. The only participants in the Toshiba decommissioning bid we are aware of are Toshiba, Westinghouse (not surprising because Toshiba owns it), Babcock & Wilcox and The Shaw Group. Apparently there are more; and there are more in the competitive group led by Hitachi. It seems the two groups may work together now. Areva's CEO made the statement that AREVA is not 'in the running' for the decommissioning work, although it may be prepared to help later on at some time.

  3. Areva is scheduled to have a water processing plant built by the end of June that will process 1200 tons of water/day, according to NHK.
    There are nearly 70,000 tons currently in the facility, increasing at about 500tons/day, so there will be 100,000 tons by the time the treatment plant is operational.
    The plant will start to whittle down the flood at about 700 tons/day net once it starts, so it will take 150 days to drain the facility, if all goes well.
    That says the cleanup will not begin until very late this year at the earliest.
    How does this tie into the TEPCO indication that the immediate crisis should be stabilized within 9 months?