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Friday, March 18, 2011

You, sir, are an idiot.

Representative Dennis Kucinich, Democrat, proves what he's made of.


This is what happens when someone who has no knowledge, and an old vendetta (from the days when he was mayor of Cleveland, and incidentally when that city went bankrupt) gets a microphone in front of him.

You, sir, are an idiot; may God have mercy on your soul. That's exactly what you want -- get rid of some of the very highest tech jobs in the Northern Ohio area. Strain the electrical grid, force reliance on more fossil fuels and power bought from elsewhere. Make the whole region dependent on whatever costs anyone else wants to charge for power sharing from other utilities -- and when THEY go nuclear, your constituents, who will be de facto customers of those companies, will indeed bear the costs.

Drive up energy costs just as the Medical Mart and the casino are coming. What will that do to their cost estimates?

Moreover, you wouldn't be grandstanding if it weren't for there being tens of thousands of people dead, missing and injured and several nuclear reactor plants in very grave conditions half way around the world from the area you represent, which if I'm not mistaken doesn't include either one of the nuclear plants FirstEnergy operates. You are putting your own face and name back in the news on the crest of their suffering; you should be ashamed.

And fired.

9:35 PM Eastern Friday 3/18

POSTSCRIPT: I am only posting this in the midst of Fukushima Daiichi coverage to demonstrate the stupidity and madness of our elected officials in the face of a disaster such as this, so far away that it has no effect on us whatsoever. We might have it worse, like Germany who appears ready to scrap its nuclear energy program.. but I covered that on a previous post. Now back to Fukushima Daiichi coverage.

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