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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why is the IAEA in Japan?

The head of the IAEA is in Japan partly because he says that the Japanese government has not been forthcoming with good information. He also says that foreign governments are worried about reports like "the plants are out of control" because they're based on speculation and fantasy. The IAEA wants to get there to help with the dissemination of good, solid information.

THIS BLOG has been giving anyone who has read it (well over 13000 page hits since this thing occurred) good solid information, and analysis, provided by the Japanese nuclear energy complex (owner-operators, civil operator groups, and the Japanese government's various agencies) and has given its readers no fantasy, empty promises or panic.

The good information is where you LOOK for it. The big media is not the place to look. Apparently neither is the United States' government, one of those organizations fostering misinformation and panic.

8:00 PM Eastern Sunday 3/20

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