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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Water Cannon operating unmanned; SITREP

Apparently water delivery on the No. 3 plant has been on since 2 PM local (Tokyo) time using a two-vehicle setup, with one pump vehicle drawing a suction on the intake hose in the ocean and providing a high output pressure to an intermediate hose that connects to the water cannon vehicle, which is spraying the No. 3 plant unmanned after the vehicles were positioned, started and abandoned temporarily to avoid personnel exposure. NHK Television Japan showed this diagram:

There is another JAIF status report; see it by clicking here. Very little has changed in terms of reactor core conditions or reactor plant conditions.

Electric power still not operating inside the plants at latest word.

Not surprisingly, some radioactive contamination has turned up in spinach and milk locally in Japan; while the US media is sure to go berserk about a trace detection of Xe-133 gas on the West Coast by a private organization.

5:25 AM Eastern Saturday 3/19

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