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Friday, March 25, 2011

Update... sort of

Apparently the latest NISA briefing has been conducted without live television coverage being made available anywhere. This is because it's Saturday in Japan already .. not because of any attempt to cover anything up. We do have just a couple of details, however.

-All of the turbine buildings at No. 1, 2 and 3 plants have contaminated water of varied depths and activities, but all are fairly deep (up to one meter) and are highly contaminated. All appear to be primary coolant. TEPCO is hurriedly developing a way to dewater these buildings to allow operability of the feed and condensate systems.

-Radioactive Iodine content as measured at the south water outlet at Fukushima Daiichi is something like 1200 times the federal limit. It has been going up a bit for a couple days and now has really spiked.

-TEPCO has resorted to using trucks temporarily, with hoses (these are pump trucks) to get freshwater into the primary reactor plants due to the high rad areas and contaminated water in the turbine / support buildings.

-The contaminated workers were wearing no boots and ignored dosimetry alarms. The third worker did in fact have waterproof boots on and has experienced no exposure to Beta radiation.

We are going to have to rely on the daily issuance of status documents from the owning, supervising and industry parties / agencies but this is good enough given the other facts we already have.

10:10 PM Eastern Friday 3/25


  1. I noticed you have ceased to post any of the available recon images that have been made by the Japanese Defense Forces. Is this an oversight or have you deemed them too dramatic?

  2. They're not "too dramatic"... they're simply available at almost any other media outlet one cares to look at.