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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday early evening update...

Here are the known details as of about 5:00 PM Eastern, on Sunday 3/20 which corresponds to 6:00 AM Monday in Japan..

-40 tons of seawater has been put into the spent fuel pool at No. 2 plant; this is the only plant whose building is not heavily damaged in the block of plants 1 through 4.. although there is some damage from the explosions at the close alongside No. 1 and No. 3 plants

-AC power is connected at Unit 2 and TEPCO hopes to have control room indications back Monday (local) although remote operability of valves and pumps may take days longer

-The site cleanup appears to have begun, or at least the planning for it has; the Japanese Defense Minister has announced that it is planned to use tanks to push away the debris from the explosions at the reactor buildings just like bulldozers, but of course the armor on the tanks will provide some shielding.

HERE is the latest JAIF status document: 2200 MARCH 20 JAIF STATUS

Many more details to come, especially after TEPCO gets instrumentation back on line .. that's the report we're really waiting for here and we intend to be watching when it occurs.

5:05 PM Eastern Sunday 3/20

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