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Monday, March 21, 2011

Roughly 0345 update...

Latest JAIF plant status update:


The only significant changes are as follows:

Containment vessel pressures of No. 1 and No. 2 plants are labeled "steady" while that at No. 3 plant is now decreasing

Power is at No. 2 and various loads are being checked for operability and insulation quality (grounds, dielectric test) before the plant is declared operable. TEPCO has said at least once more that it intends to use the control room, with all its attendant indication and control equipment; N&ISA has reported that air filtration will be used in occupied spaces with charcoal filters to help them become inhabitable.

Power cable has also reached No. 5 plant, in a somewhat separate effort and No. 5 and 6 will have power back as well at some point -- although I hasten to point the reader to my previous update on flood damaged electrical equipment, because all this applies at these two units as well.

A construction contractor is either near the site or at the site with a truck normally used to pour concrete, which has a 55 foot boom that will be more helpful in putting water on the spent fuel pools of the damaged plants. According to reports the contractor volunteered to assist and after testing the design had its offer accepted by TEPCO. I should note that water spray on the plants is now a whole lot easier with semi-stable installation of the water trucks (see the earlier post showing a graphic with the arrangement) and water spray of the spent fuel pools is pretty much starting and stopping now as it's needed; temperature is measured indirectly from helicopters using infra-red cameras.

3:50 AM Eastern Monday 3/21

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