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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Recriticality of spent fuel? Nope.

Just a little note here to indicate that another expert on Japanese television has assured the public that criticality of spent fuel in the fuel pools is a practical impossibility.

"Criticality" refers to a self-sustaining chain reaction.

This is what we said right on this blog days ago, but this was very publicly contradicted by at least one Japanese government official. It's not an issue.

12:30 PM Eastern Wednesday 3/16

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  1. Hi Will. Congratulations on a very informative feed.
    From what I have gleaned from NRC documents, criticality in a spent fuel pond is a possibility, albeit remote, through compression of the fuel assembies in the racks in the pond, for example by a heavy object falling into the pool - in this case the hydrogen explosion at reactor 4 could have produced debris that could trigger such an event.