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Monday, March 28, 2011

No further updates, oddly enough.

TEPCO has provided one update that essentially tells us "no change" from their last one. JAIF has no new data...


More surprisingly, NISA was known to have been conducting meetings yesterday about pressure vessel integrity at the No. 2 plant and was expected to issue an update and some details but none have come out.

NISA officials, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano have, in briefings, begun to appear a bit less tolerant of TEPCO's mistakes; TEPCO has apparently indicated the high level of fatigue of the personnel at the site.

Today we will have some very interesting material to present which I'm sure will generate a fair amount of comment. That's coming later on this afternoon. It is not apocalyptic but rather highly informative.

5:30 AM Eastern Monday 3/28

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