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Sunday, March 20, 2011

N&ISA statement regarding electrical equipment...

Hidehiko Nishiyama, the reassuring but frank and technically well spoken representative for Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has noted in a press conference that there are emergency orders in from TEPCO to the electrical equipment manufacturers who have supplied equipment to Fukushima Daiichi for replacement parts. We noted that this would surely be the case on this blog days ago, and it's certain that the sequence of troubleshooting of shorts and opens and grounds will drag out miserably in the plant even if we're never told of the steps. Some of us have a good idea what they're going through to get I&C back at the plants.

Still awaiting the first press conferences of Monday morning local in Tokyo; it seems as if this will probably be a big news day, even though the media in the West is moving on to other matters as the Japanese situation "improves." Actually, the situation is not improving; it simply is not getting any worse than it is.

7:05 PM Eastern Sunday 3/20

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